Connecting people

with words.

What's in a name?

My love affair with words began before I can even remember...

It has roots in the earliest days of my life, when stories of impossible lands and adventures seemed possible to me, and its branches have extended through every day since. Even now, in each second, some new bud unfurls, and because of the magic of words, I have never been far off from enchanted shores or high adventure.

Like all loves, this one needed to be expressed; I started my business to share my enchantment with words and help others find their own voice. And I knew I needed a name that would embody all of that magic and power and potential.

A “wordtree” is a grounded thing, roots deep and intertwined with rich, cool earth, anchored and anchoring. It is a living thing, growing, needing and being needed by the plants and creatures around it, vital with sap and vernal promise even when its world sleeps gently under snow. It is a forger of paths, both downward into the soil and upward into the sky, where its branches long to embrace the clouds. It is a place of sanctuary: in its trunk and in its limbs, beings – wild, and not – find shelter.

May the words we find together be just so: grounded in source, brushing the heavens, alive with purpose, offering cool shade, and a place to be still with the magic of it all.

I was six when I got my first library card. There’s a picture of me standing afterwards in the little park next to our neighborhood library, holding a dandelion. It’s one of my favorite memories, because even now, it sums up for me the power of words to unlock wishes and open worlds.

I trace my life from that point on through words read and written: poems, letters, travel memoirs, reflections, a writing business, and now a book-in-progress. 

My goal in creating Wordtree, LLC™ is to help you weave your own tapestry of words, drawing on my 18 years of experience as a teacher, 10 years working with student journalists, and a lifetime love affair with all things literary to help you express yourself with joy and authenticity.

From customized resumes and cover letters to professional LinkedIn profiles and copy that will bring your message to life on your website, blog, and newsletters,  I’ll fulfill your writing needs with a skill set honed by experience, and a passion for words that hasn’t changed since I held my first library card.