Company Blogs & Articles

Ready to up your credibility as the go-to expert in your field? Blog posts and articles are a great way to add value for your clients and engage with them on a consistent basis.

Are you maximizing the potential of your company blog? How about LinkedIn articles, or articles for publication?

A strategically planned schedule of well-written blog posts and articles shores up your credibility as a market leader, enhances your online presence, and creates a conversation with your ideal clients.

Blog posts and articles are priced according to length, with discounted pricing for packaged services. All services below include one revision, and up to a half hour of research if needed.

Short Blog/Article: 250-350 words….$79

Standard Blog/Article: 350-550 words….$99

Long Blog/Article: 550-750 words…$129

In-Depth Blog/Article: 750-1500 words….$169

Packaged Services

A month of blog posts/articles (1 per week, 4 total): 5% discount

3 months of blog posts/articles (1 per week, 12 total): 10% discount

6 months of blog posts/articles (1 per week, 24 total): 15% discount


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