Jamie Broderick

"Marissa was able to get to the heart of who I am and what I do, and bring it to life in the copy she wrote for my new website. I highly recommend her for her thoughtfulness, insight, and talent as a business copywriter."

Jamie Broderick, JamieBroderick.com
Tracey Piechocki

“We hired Marissa to rewrite the copy on our website and to write our blog posts. Not only is she an exceptionally talented writer, she has become a valuable asset. Her insight on suggested topics has kept us on track (even elevated) our vision.

Marissa has given our thoughts a strong and eloquent voice! We highly recommend her for all of your content development needs.” 

Tracey Piechocki, Illustrated Designs, Inc.
Heidi Garis

"Marissa is a true wordsmith. Her ability to weave language together is magical and sparks attraction in those that read her work. I highly recommend her if you'd like to attract new business or authentically influence and inspire potential clients."

Heidi Garis, Tap Into Abundance Success Coaching
Tracie Nichols

"Marissa quite simply saved my sanity. Even though I love writing, copywriting is just not my happy place. The thought of beating my head against the blank web page walls of my site had me paralyzed. Marissa took an hour of conversation and turned it into beautiful, effective web copy. I will, absolutely, be asking for her expertise again."

Tracie Nichols, Career Coach
Tracy McGovern

"Effortless and simple with a perfect outcome. That is my experience working with Marissa. She makes the process so easy. The finished product is professional, beautifully written and complete in record time! I will be doing many projects with Marissa. I am grateful to have found such a talented and competent writer."

Tracy McGovern, Essential Connections
Michelle McInnis

"I just have to give a big “Thank You” to Marissa Polselli. I am a small business owner and was in need of someone to write up major content about what I do. When I found Marissa and saw her work I knew I wanted her to assist me! Her content is smashing and she is able to capture who and what my business is very quickly in such eloquent words. Her passion and ability to encapsulate who you are in written form is a gift. She will always be my wordsmith!"

Michelle McInnis, Transformation Specialist
Kate Brenton

"There is an art to teaching. A fine balance between facilitating versus alchemizing a room to enable personal, empowered learning. I have been to several speaking events where Marissa Polselli, through her brilliance, warmth, humor and deep intelligence led us through the valleys of our targeted problems into a new horizon full of tangible skill-sets and a newly inspired, personal perspective. She is a master of her craft."

Kate Brenton, Ed.M. Inspired Educator
Rebecca Kahn

"Marissa at Wordtree has a way with words! With just a conversation, she can communicate how you help clients in a clear and concise manner that truly reflects what you do. I was so impressed that I also hired her to work with my college-aged daughter for her resume. In addition, she is a joy to work with."

Rebecca Kahn, RebeccaFit Life Coaching and Training
Kerry Hayes

"I met Marissa last month on a recommendation from my business coach. We had coffee and discussed the focus of my work as a Health & Equus Coach. I felt confident enough to hire her on the spot and her work on my behalf really impressed me! In about 10 pages of copy I asked for 2 ideas to be re-worked. I call that hitting the nail on the head! No time wasted! Her turn around was prompt and every detail the utmost professional. Thank you Marissa!!!"

Kerry Hayes, Health Yourself Coaching
Debbie Pietruszka

"Marissa is so easy to work with. She expertly combined her knowledge and writing experience to professionally promote a series of workshops I created. Her intuitive and thoughtful questions helped me to better focus on how and what I needed to present to potential students. I would definitely recommend her services to people who desire any type of professional writing assistance in their lives."

Deborah Pietruszka, Serendipity Meadows
Stacy Ford

"Thank you Marissa for the beautiful words you created for me. You were able to take my ideas, my words, organize them, and turn them into exactly what I wanted to say - what I meant to say. It sounds cliche to say you have a way with words, but it is true. You listened and heard the message I wanted to covey and wrote it with words that I would use and meaning that could be felt. For content, writing and even idea organizing, you are amazing. Thank you for taking the time with me and helping me reach my goals."

Stacy Ford, Sports Med Plus
Deb Zobel

"I met Marissa at a PWBN networking event and felt an immediate connection to her. I then learned she is a writer and started following her. Her writing style is eloquent and thought-provoking. I then learned she offered coaching services. Since I am in the process of writing a book, and had no clue how to go about getting it published, I started working with her as my writing coach. Marissa has helped me get focused, organized and learn what it takes to become a published author. Marissa is pleasant to work with with clear objectives and expectations to achieve the desired outcome. Having made additional career changes, I will be securing her services to assist me in updating my resume’. Not only has Marissa been an amazing coach, but she has been a strong advocate of the career changes I am making and provides me with the support I need. Her online course, entitled “Change Your Mind & Your Body Will Follow”, helped me change my inner talk resulting in a healthier, happier, lighter me! I am confident that our relationship will be a long-standing partnership. If you need assistance with your resume’, website content, blog content, marketing literature or coaching services, I encourage you to contact Marissa. And, most definitely look into her online course – it’s a life changing experience."

Deb Zobel, Renewal Jewelry Designs
Lisa Franklin

"Marissa took my outdated, overly informative resume and gave it new life. She is amazing with finding the right wording to be short, concise and get the information across clearly. Highly recommend Wordtree and Marissa!!!"

Lisa Franklin, Alchemy Massage and Bodyworks
Shelby Miller

"Marissa you are amazing ! I am so thankful for you assisting me with the content of the E Book I wrote for my clients that are in transition with a divorce and buying a new home. Your assistance in ensuring you heard my voice and experience , while still remaining informative and giving precise direction and instruction was so helpful. The flow of the book from where I started my rough draft to where you brought it to be was spectacular! You truly have a gift with words.. Thank you <3"

Shelby Tetreault Miller, Keller Williams Realty Group

"So excited with my resume. I had a very smooth and very pleasant experience with Marissa. I see a super new job in the future. Thanks so much for all your help and you did a awesome job in a timely fashion."

Sue Fernandez, Coopersburg, PA

"Marissa is incredibly talented and a leader in her field."

Kathy Marcino, KMM DISC Consulting

"Marissa is a true wordsmith and a great asset to any small business seeking to straighten out their literal presence. From documents to webpages, resumes to policies and procedures, this is your gal! She is warm and intelligent and her gift is invaluable resource in your business corner. AND she is SUPER nice too <3 "

Betty Rush, Quakertown Integrative Health Center

"Marissa is amazing! She recently help my husband and I rewrite the content of our website. She is extremely professional and very easy to work with. She is a creative writer and really helped us connect with the audience we are seeking to serve. I would highly recommend her!"

Lauren Caffery, Integrated Healthcare Solutions

"Marissa wrote me a great resume and cover letter. I ended up getting the job I had applied for. She is awesome!"

Lindsay Field, Pittsburgh, PA

"Marissa was a pleasure to work with, she delivered just what I wanted when I was looking for someone to redo my resume. I highly recommend her!"

Kyle Tyler, Quakertown, PA

"It is a pleasure to work with Marissa! She is very professional, extremely creative and always there to help when I need her!! She helps put my thoughts in to words that resonate with my clientele. I highly recommend Marissa!!"

Melissa Laroe Ciamaichela, NExT Fitness

"I have been working with Marissa since July [of 2016]. She is truly amazing in her work. I have had so many compliments on my brochures and website that she did the content on. She understands what my goals are and captures them. I highly recommend her and continue to use her for all my content development for my business."

Anita Heft, The Himalayan Salt & Wellness Cave

"I can't thank you enough! My company does an article in a magazine quarterly and Marissa always does such a GREAT job!!! 🙂 Thank you so much, you ARE a pleasure to work with and have a true gift of writing!!"

Elsa O’Brien, You’ve Got MAIDS of Quakertown & Lehigh Valley

"I wanted to give a big thumbs up and 5 out of 5 stars to Marissa at Wordtree. She did my cover letter and resume beautifully. She was very nice, kind, caring, and very knowledgeable of what she was doing. She got the job done so quickly and professionally within days, and I was even called for an interview for the position that she helped me inquire about. I would recommend her to everyone. She is brilliant, so very kind, and gets the job done."

Judie, Schuebel, Coopersburg, PA

“Having Marissa work with me on my resume was a great decision. She was so thorough and thoughtful knowing I was intimidated by using a computer! She did a great job, and I had my resume within a week.”

Maria Millar, Quakertown, PA

"I have had the pleasure of working together with Marissa on a number of occasions. I have found her to be a great collaborator and effective writer.

I first approached Marissa because I needed help with communicating feedback to my clients and co-workers. I found that my experience working with Marissa has been extremely effective and rewarding. She has always made productive use of our time together. She has successfully supported me through my development at my company.

After using Marissa as a coach for written feedback, I reached out to her again for her services. I shared a profile that I had written that was going to be published on my company’s blog. It would be posted for the entire company to read. I knew I could trust Marissa with editing the profile. She promptly got back to me with constructive edits. As always, she did an incredible job reviewing and making appropriate edits on my writing.

I would recommend Marissa to anyone that needs support with their writing. Marissa is thoughtful and patient. I appreciate all the support she has given to me throughout the years; I wouldn’t be where I am in my professional life without her."

Lauren Stump, Philadelphia, PA

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